We have a variety of ranks per server you can obtain and purchase, here are the main rank departments.

Staff Ranks

  1. Owner
  2. Manager
  3. Moderator
  4. Admin
  5. Builder
  6. Helper

You can earn a staff rank by being active on our servers, being supportive of other players & reporting hackers ect.

Normal Ranks

  1. Obsidian
  2. Emerald
  3. Diamond
  4. Gold
  5. Iron
  6. Noob

These ranks are obtainable by playing and being supportive on our servers.

Donor Ranks

  1. Contributer
  2. Donor
  3. MVP+
  4. MVP
  5. VIP+
  6. VIP

You can obtain these ranks by purchasing them in the server shops or sometimes by a request.

Rank Perks

All ranks inherent the permissions from the rank below.

CratesHow to earn
Obsidian+1-3 Galactic Crate KeysActive 3+ times a week / + 1 hour 30 mins
Emerald+1-2 Galactic Crate KeysActive 2-4 time a week / 1 hour
Diamond+1-3 Crazy Crate KeysActive 2-3 times a week / +45 mins
Gold+1-2 Crazy Crate KeysActive twice a week / +30 mins
Iron+1-3 Basic Crate KeysActive once a week / +20 mins
Noob+0-2 Basic Crate KeysDefault Rank
Perks &
How to earn
VoterTop voter
MVP+Apply, Donate
MVPApply, Donate
VIP+FlyApply, Donate
VIPApply, Donate
Perks &
How to earn
OwnerBe the owner
ManagerOperatorApply from Moderator or Admin
ModeratorAdvanced CommandsApply from Admin
AdminAdmin CommandsApply
HelperBasic Extra CommandsApply

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